Hope for Paws

So my sister was watching these videos and they’re very cool.

Basically Hope for Paws rescues dogs, cats, birds, and other lost/stray critters reported to them. Then they get the critters fixed up, healthy again, and try to find them new homes. Very cool. Here’s their YouTube channel.

Three of their rescue videos are here, there are many others on their YouTube.

McKenzie is rather unhappy, but had a happy ending:

This family of kittens was left behind, and the mother was nowhere to be found. A Good Samaritan called #HopeForPaws and this time, JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick responded!

Some kittens stuck in a bad place get a new opportunity.

You can also find Hope for Paws on:

Nap Attack

Nap Attack!

Crixus and Spartacus, Nap Attack

Crixus and Spartacus, Nap Attack

These two are supposed to be brothers. We picked them up in Feb ’10 and the rescue group thought they were from the same litter. So two dads?

Crixus is the brindle, has a curly tail, is a bit smaller, and has developed a very different personality, though they’re best buds.


Accessories for Your Pets

Pet lovers! There’s a new world of accessories for pets you may never have imagined!

[ad]Those of us who have pets know what a joy animals can bring into your daily life. Pets can indeed be a best friend. Just like people, our pets have personalities. They can make us laugh and give us ‘someone’ to talk to, even if none of our human companions are home.

Numerous studies conducted on the relationships formed between pets and their owners demonstrate that people who have pets tend to be less lonely, more productive and less stressed than people without a lovable critter in their home.
It’s even been shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that older folks with pets live longer! Pet owners enjoy all of these benefits. So it’s no wonder that pet owners love to lavish love on their beloved pets.

These days, pets are on our gift lists, for the holidays, a pet’s birthday, or for no occasion whatsoever. The booming pet accessory market is fueled by you, the pet lover. If you haven’t looked lately, you’ll be amazed to see the accessories for pets that are now available, on the net and in your local pet shop.

It used to be that all you could find was a cat scratching post, catnip, a few dog toys and chew bones. That’s all changed. When you go shopping for accessories for pets, the choices can rival those you’ll find for your own wardrobe and home!

Sure, you’ll find more versatility in the usuals, like dog food dishes and cat litter pans. Today, Fido dines in style. Forget the old hubcap-rim nee dog dish. Today, you can choose from raised dog dishes in a variety of materials, from gleaming stainless steel to decorated ceramic dog bowls, some sporting a double tray, one for water and the other for food.
Kitties have drinking fountains and can now brush their teeth, with your help, for shiny sharp teeth for chasing little catnip mice on a rope. Dogs, too, have doggie toothbrushes to keep their canines clean and healthy.

Your pet can be a celebrity, even if you’re not. Your accessories for pets may include personalized leashes, stylish, glitzy collars for both dogs and cats, as well as waterproof leggings for inclement weather. Bet you don’t have all that in your closet! Small pets can be ultra-cool and dress for success in pet clothing, with tiny pants and dresses for the hip pet.

You, the pet owner, needn’t be left out. There are accessories for pets owners, too! There are bath towels, wallpaper and soap dishes for humans, decorated with woofers and kitties.

Even the kid’s hamsters and mice can be indulged with their own pet accessories. You’ll find little woven edible nests in the form of a nutritious high-fiber snack. They discover this tasty nest and when they’ve enjoyed it to the last, you just replace it! What will they think of next?!